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Rapidflame is a specialist manufacturer of industrial gas burners and control systems, covering all major industries. Rapidflame is the number 1 supplier of flame treatment systems to the rapidly expanding Chinese automotive industry.

Rapidflame manufacture a large range of Industry standard and special purpose gas burners designed for any fuel gas with compressed air and oxygen operation.

TecFG-flametube 19.8.2.png

Rapidflame high temperature furnace burners include our Tecflame burner range.

Medium and high velocity designs are available with a range of combustion chambers and metering arrangements to suit all furnace applications. Burners can be supplied with complete packaged combustion control systems 

Custom designed plant for industrial process heating are supplied under complete design and build contracts.


Rapidflame supply a large range of premix and nozzle mix burners and control systems.

Our  Texflame  packaged burners are designed to meet most medium and low temperature air heating and oven firing applications. Low NOx emissions and high turndown operation are well suited features of the Texflame burner package for most Industrial and Commercial process heating applications .

Research and development projects with staged approach are undertaken employing 45 years of burner design and application experience over many industries.


Rapidflame supply a large range of combustion control and safety components. All conforming to applicable EN and other International safety standards.

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