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Rapidflame specialises in the design, manufacture, and supply of a wide range of industrial gas burners and control systems covering all major industries.

We are a leading manufacturer of precision flame gas burners, combustion control systems and process heating systems covering a wide range of applications, processes and production machinery.

Rapidflame burners are used safely with any fuel gas with air and oxygen, employing premix and surface mixing control systems. Click here for more.

Rapidflame manufactures air-fuel and oxygen fuel burners for metal heating applications.

Complete combustion systems can be designed and supplied for advanced heating systems. Direct flame rapid heating systems utilising oxygen gas burners can produce heating rates of 220C/minute in solid bars, slabs to compete with induction heating systems. Click here for more.

Rapidflame supply a wide range of flame treatment burners and control systems for surface treatment of plastics. Covering adhesion promotion by flame plasma surface treatment, thermal processing for mould flash and sharp edge removal, and surface melting to modify surfaces such as micro crack removal. Click here for more.

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