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Rapidflame are a leading manufacture of precision flame gas burners, combustion control systems and process heating systems. Our products cover a wide range of applications, processes and production machinery.

Rapidflame burners are used safely with any fuel gas, air and oxygen, employing premix and surface mixing control systems. Designs include single-port, multi-port, linear flame, infrared, and ribbon type burners. Control products include venturi mixers, needle valves, and thermal mass flow and CFOM orifice based control systems. Typical applications include surface hot forming, flame polishing, edge melting, as well as annealing of glass in scientific quartz, pharmaceutical (ampoules and vials), lighting, table and ovenware, flat glass, and container industries.

Working with our customers as a confidential development partner is our speciality. We design and manufacture special application burners and control systems, supported by on site installation, start up, commissioning, and training services.

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