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Rapidflame supply a wide range of flame treatment burners and control systems to the plastics industry. Our area of expertise covers adhesion promotion by flame plasma surface treatment, thermal processing for mould flash and sharp edge removal, and surface melting to modify surfaces (such as the removal of micro cracks detrimental in the forming and stretching process).


Examples include robot manipulator based systems for surface treatment of automotive components, conveyor mounted systems, and web processing machine systems employing precision flame linear burners. Complete combustion control systems designed to meet international safety standards and can include optional automatic air gas ratio control, with feedback from residual oxygen analysis operation to guarantee precise and repeatable operation.

Rapidflame’s extensive burner range includes water cooled linear burners manufactured from extruded steel sections or cast iron, drill port burners, ribbon burners, and oxygen enriched high temperature burners.

See below for information on specific technical solutions.

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