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Rapidflame are a leading manufacturer of air-fuel and oxygen fuel burners for metal heating applications.

Complete combustion systems can be designed and supplied for advanced heating systems. Direct flame rapid heating systems utilising oxygen gas burners can produce heating rates of 220C/minute in solid bars and slabs, to compete with induction heating systems. Industrial process heating, mould heating, vessel preheating in foundries, and casting machine applications are covered by our wide range of standard burner and control products.

Rapidflame machine burners are extensively used in localised precision heating for metal joining using fuel gases. These include acetylene and hydrogen, with gas flueing systems and ignition and safety control systems.

Special designs of rotary and linear indexing metal joining machines can be designed and supplied to customer specification. For more information about the systems we offer, please contact us.

Iridium forming - heat treatment

Metal coating - pre-treatment

Metal coating - post-treatment

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