Many industries utilise laminated products where multiple layers of materials have to be bonded together. Examples include flexible food and drink packaging materials eg Tetra Pack containers, motor car interior fabrics and seat covers with foam backing, and laminated MDF flooring. Linear flame burners with water cooled bodies are supplied by Rapidflame to provide an accurate and uniform wide width flame, to carry out various processes including burn off of loose or long fibres from paper, board, and fabrics; surface modification and adhesion promotion on plastic film, and surface melting of foam for thermal bonding to fabrics. For more information about our flame lamination systems, please contact us.

ISO 9001: 2015

Rapidflame’s team of highly experienced burner application engineers offer a confidential working partnership, and use the ISO 9001 quality assurance system to ensure high-quality service. Our team have 40 years of burner application experience to draw on. With Chartered UK engineers status, our team provides a professional approach in a global environment, supporting combustion in all industries.

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