Rapidflame supply burners and complete control systems for quartz tube resize machines. We have completed many turnkey projects for quartz plate making and welding machines, and tube unfolding machines. Rapidflame also manufacture burners and air-gas-oxygen mixers and valves for laboratory ware and borosilicate glass products, walking beam and rotary machines for test tubes, flasks, hollow ware, and thermometer production. We also supply burner manifolds for glass blowing lathes and safety controls for inlet gas and oxygen services, as well as special design surface mixing gas oxygen burners for forming, melting and flame polishing applications, burners and controls for vacuum tube seal and exhaust machines. For more information about our products and systems for the Scientific Glass industry, please contact us.

ISO 9001: 2015

Rapidflame’s team of highly experienced burner application engineers offer a confidential working partnership, and use the ISO 9001 quality assurance system to ensure high-quality service. Our team have 40 years of burner application experience to draw on. With Chartered UK engineers status, our team provides a professional approach in a global environment, supporting combustion in all industries.

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