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Packaged Air-Gas Combustion Systems

Rapidflame supply a large range of premix and nozzle mix burners and control systems.


Our Texflame packaged burners are designed to meet most medium and low-temperature air heating and oven firing applications. Low NOx emissions and high turndown operation are well-suited features of the Texflame burner package for most Industrial and Commercial process heating applications.


Texflame integrated system includes burner, gas regulator, pressure gauge, and flexible metal tubing. 


- Two specifications.

- Power 4 kW - 300 kW.

- Stable and clean combustion, low NOx.

- High turndown 40:1. Temperature adjusted faster and more precisely.

- Switch between natural gas and propane

- Integrated design, easy installation, operation and maintenance

- Fan motor with multi-level voltage and frequency.

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